Paul Oliver Builder will provide the best possible specialist advice, support and service to each of
our clients
  (current and in the future).

Free design advice

You as the client have the freedom to choose the design of a home you want, and would feel comfortable living in. As

the builder I can offer you assistance, guidance and options to best suit your wants needs and of course your budget.

Project management

I will take the stress out of your build by supervising and managing every step of the building process to ensure every

aspect of the build is completed to the highest standard possible.

Helping you through the build

We like to have a close working relationship with our clients through the build with regular site visits, and up to date

information via e-mail and phone, to ensure you are happy during & at the end of the build.

Planning and approval

We can help and guide you through those confusing (pre planning-approval) stages at the start.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use your Architect or can we involve our own?

You are welcome to involve your own designer

Are you a Registered Builder?


Can we engage some of our own trades?

You can in certain areas, but as there is a warranty within my BSA License i do get the final say with involvement of sub contractors, I like to use subcontractors that I regularly use as I know their quality of work and how they run their business this is vital for communications, deadlines & budgets.

What is the planning process?

Firstly we sit down and discuss what style of home you’re after and what things you plan on having in it.

Then we’ll talk budget costs (fixtures and fittings), type of construction and materials to be used so we can design around this. I will assist with suggestions,
Time to sit down with a designer where he’ll do a more thorough review, look at the cost effective building method’s making sure we keep within you’re budget.
We will then arrange to meet in two weeks to go over the preliminary sketches so you can change anything you are unsure on or don’t like.
We will plan to meet in another week to hopefully agree on a design or make minor changes and arrange to meet in one week.
Hopefully we can agree on price & design
Then you will be presented with a contract, you can take it away & seek legal advice to insure all parties are happy.